At LCIS, we believe communities thrive when people have the confidence to do what they love and live like they should. As a specialist insurance provider, we protect the passions of community groups and not-for-profits across Australia with sound advice and a selection of insurance covers to suit most groups. We make communities happen by empowering people to live their passions to the fullest.

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We understand the vast majority of our clients are part of a community group or organisation by choice, because they want to be, not because they have to. These types of people give LCIS purpose.

What motivates and inspires you? That’s one of our favourite questions to ask our clients because it guarantees a heartfelt response about passion and excitement. Its questions like these that reveal the answers we crave, answers that help us to better understand you and your group.

These stories help us deliver better quality insurance solutions because we understand exactly what it is you do, the risks involved and how to match the right level of cover at a price that is affordable.

We make it quick, easy and satisfying for you to get the protection you need – protection that gives you piece of mind. That way, you can focus more on what makes you and your community group tick!

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We provide on-going risk management advice to assist you in eliminating and reducing the risks associated with your group’s activities. By keeping in touch with us about your organisation as it grows and changes over time we can advise on any relevant changes you may require to your cover as a result.

For us, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3

We recommend the following three policies to form the three legs of your insurance tripod. In other words, they all complement and support each other, like teamwork, to give you and your group broad protection.

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We can then tailor each of these policies to suit your group (if required) to protect you against any other risks associated with your groups activities not covered in the base policy wordings.

We also provide cover for:

You can get a quote online for a Community & Family Event Public & Products Liability policy. For all other insurance quotes please call us on 1300 853 800 or email Our team are at the ready to discuss your community insurance needs.

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How we see insurance

Insurance is a promise. A promise that the insurer will protect you in the event of an incident resulting in a claim, as specified in the policy wording. We act in good faith to form trust with you through the policies we can provide to protect you against your risks.

Download Public & Products Liability Brochure (PDF)

Download Events Insurance Brochure (PDF)

Download Stallholder Insurance Brochure (PDF)