Public & Products Liability

As the organiser of a single one-off community or family event, our Community & Family Event Public & Products Liability Insurance will protect you against claims for personal injury or property damage against your organisation by members of the public who attend your event.

Community festival
Examples of events:
  • Street parties
  • Festivals
  • Fairs
  • Fundraisers
  • Gatherings
  • Community Celebrations
  • Youth Events
  • Cultural exhibitions

Policy Wording: Community & Family Event Public & Products Liability

Cover includes ‘bump-in’ and ‘bump-out’ activities to set-up or back-down your event.

community event crowd public liability

These are amendments which tailor the standard wording to reflect the risks of most community groups and most give a wider scope of operation to the base Public & Products Liability policy.

Although certain risks are excluded in one policy it does not mean they can’t be covered either by an amendment which may result in a higher premium or an additional policy that is specific to cover that particular risk. Below are the endorsements applying to our Community & Family Event Public & Products Liability policy.

Customers – event stallholder insurance

It is really important that you have both Public & Products Liability under the one insurance policy.

Some insurance covers only offer Public Liability, that means you are not covered for the products you sell.

This is really important because if your products injure someone, cause someone to become ill, or damage property you could be found liable, but without the Products Liability component in the policy you do not have any cover for this risk.

Our policy covers both Public and Products Liability.

We cannot provide cover through LCIS for stallholders providing the following services/products:

  • Second hand tools and electrical goods. New goods need to be tested and tagged to the Australia Standard.
  • Children’s clothes
  • Children’s toys and play equipment
  • Live animal sales
  • Massage.

As the LCIS focus is a community groups we are unable to provide cover to businesses.

This policy does not cover claims arising from the use by buskers of knives, swords (including theatrical knives and swords) or any activity involving the use of fire.

Additionally, you need to be aware there are specific exclusions under LCIS PPL Policy coverage in relation to the following:

  • Children’s rides and animal rides
  • Any amusement rides and devices
  • Inflatable recreational equipment.
Endorsements to Broadform Liability policy specifically arranged for Community Fairs or Festivals, Street Parades, Residential Street Parties, Carols by Candlelight

The following endorsements apply to the Broadform Liability Insurance Policy PDF document:

  • 3. Exclusions

    Page 13

    Exclusion 3.14. Professional Liability amended to read as follows:

    Liability to pay Compensation for the rendering of or failure to render professional advice or service by You or any related error or omission connected therewith, but this Exclusion does not apply to:

    1. Personal Injury or Property Damage arising from such rendering or failure to render professional advice or service, providing such professional advice or service is not given for a fee;

    2. Personal Injury and/or Property Damage arising from the rendering or failure to render professional medical advice by Medical Persons employed by You to provide first aid and other medical services on Your premises.

    Page 13

    Exclusion 3.15. Property in Custody or Control amended by adding the following sub-paragraphs:

    • (iv) any other property (not being a Vehicle or premises) under a lease or rental agreement in Your physical or legal control up to a limit of $100,000 (or any other amount specified in the Policy Schedule) for any one Occurrence

    • (v) other property temporarily in Your physical or legal control up to a limit of $100,000 (or any other amount specified in the Policy Schedule) for any one Occurrence

    • (vi) the property of employee, volunteer or member of You as defined in paragraph 2.21. You, Your, Insured

    Additional Paragraphs to Policy Section 3. Exclusions

    • 3.20. Participation

      Personal Injury or damage to property of any person caused by or arising out of the participation of such person or his/her property in any game, match, race, practice, trial, or other sporting activity (including but not limited to swimming, gymnastics, health and fitness activities); but this exclusion does not apply to:

      1. personal injury or damage to property caused by or arising out of your negligence as a property owner or lessee or occupier or manager of the premises or facility.

    • 3.21. Child molestation

      The molestation or interference with a minor or minors by

      1. You or any person comprising You

      2. any of Your employees, or

      3. any person performing any voluntary work on Your behalf

      Further, we shall not have any duty to defend any action, suit or proceedings brought against You (or any other person or body corporate who might otherwise but for the provisions of this clause be entitled to indemnity under this policy) which either directly or vicariously seeks compensation in respect of such molestation or interference as above or from any personal injury resultant therefrom.

    • 3.22 Amusements

      Will not provide cover in respect of claims arising from:

      • Children’s Rides, Animal Rides;

      • Amusement Rides and Devices;

      • Inflatable Recreational Equipment

    • 3.23 Security Personnel

      Personal injury or property damage arising directly or indirectly out of or caused by licenced security personnel.

    Exclusions to cover
    • Employment Liability;
    • Property in Custody and Control (beyond $250,000);
    • Product Defect;
    • Loss of Use;
    • Product Recall;
    • Aircraft, Aircraft Products and Watercraft;
    • Vehicles;
    • Contractual Liability;
    • Professional Liability (except as detailed above);
    • Libel and Slander;
    • Pollution (sudden and unintended not excluded);
    • Territorial Limits – excludes actions brought in USA/Canada;
    • Exports to USA/Canada;
    • Asbestos;
    • Faulty Workmanship;
    • Fines, Penalties;
    • Punitive Damages;
    • Assault and Battery;
    • Defect in Design;
    • Inefficacy of Computers, Software and Computer Consulting;
    • Treatment and Dispensing;
    • Child Molestation;
    • Amusement devices;
    • Security Personnel
    • Terrorism

    Read our Community & Family Event Public & Products Liability policy wording for details of the standard exclusions.

The above statements are issued as a matter of information only and for full terms and conditions you should refer to the policy wording.