Add on covers available

These additional options provide specific coverage to help protect your organisation from risks outside of the core Business Pack insurance policy. Whether you need protection for your portable equipment, coverage for broken glass, or coverage for property in transit, our add-on options can help provide the security and peace of mind you need to focus on your organisation. Add on covers include:



This cover can help protect you from expenses associated with repairing or replacing broken or damaged glass, such as vandalism or accidental breakage. With glass cover added to your property insurance policy, you can have peace of mind knowing that your organisation is protected against these types of losses.

means a fracture extending through the entire thickness of the glass.
includes all fixed glass, refrigeration cabinets, glass in counters, shelving, interior showcases, fixed mirrors and other fixed internal glass including toilet pans and hand basins.

General Property

At LCIS, we understand that running a community group sometimes requires you to be on the move. This can help cover a wide range of portable property items, including laptops, projectors, sound systems, and other electronic devices that are crucial for your organisations operations.

Transit Insurance

This insurance policy covers loss and damage to property during transit by road vehicle, including specified events such as fire, theft, and collision. It also provides all-risk cover for sudden and unforeseen accidental loss or damage, with a geographical limit of anywhere in Australia.

Money Insurance

Money Insurance

Protect your organisation from theft or loss of money with our comprehensive Money Insurance policy option. Coverage includes theft or loss of money in transit or on-premises, in locked safes or strongrooms, and even at authorised person residences, with indemnity for cash, negotiable instruments, money orders, cheques, securities, and more.


“Money” means cash, notes, negotiable instruments, cheques, postal notes, post office money orders, negotiable securities, stamps, credit card sales vouchers, instant lottery tickets, bus or transport tickets, telephone credit cards or franking machine credits.


Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance may often be used alongside property insurance, helping to provide you with added security in the event of unexpected disruptions in the event you need to pause your operations temporarily.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Cover for the costs incurred in Reinstatement, Replacement and/or Repair of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment following accidental damage or mechanical breakdown.

Flood Cover

Flood cover can be arranged as an optional extension of cover to your Business pack policy.

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