Policy Options

Customer researching property cover
Fire and Other Insured Events

This insurance policy will provide reinstatement and replacement cover for buildings, fixtures, fittings, contents and other property of the Club following loss and/or damage resulting from any of the following perils:

Insured Perils
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Storm
  • Rainwater
  • Wind
  • Water discharging or leaking from pipes or apparatus (including $5,000 to locate the source of the damage),
  • Sprinkler Leakage
  • Impact by vehicles, animals (except those kept on premises) and falling trees (but not following felling or lopping)
  • Explosion (excluding to Boilers),
  • Earthquake (excess – $20,000 or 1% of the total sum insured whichever is less),
  • Impact by Aircraft or other aerial devices,
  • Riots and Strikes,
  • Vandalism ($100 excess),
  • Flood
Customers policy benefits
Additional Policy Benefits
  • Accidental Damage (Limits: Buildings $50,000; Contents 25,000);
  • Property Temporarily Removed from the Premises (Limit: 10% of sum insured);
  • Architects, Surveyors and Legal Fees;
  • Rewriting of Records Limit: 10% of the sum insured on Contents or $50,000 whichever is less);
  • Loss of Land Value (Limit: $100,000 and not more than 10% of the Building sum insured);
  • Fire Extinguishment Costs (Limit $25,000)
  • Removal of Debris, Temporary Repairs and Temporary Protection (Limit $5,000 unless specifically nominated sum insured is shown);
  • Employees’ Tools, Equipment, Personal Effects and Clothing (Limit $5,000 any one Employee);
  • Landscaping (Limit $1,000).
Customers – business insurance
Business Interruption Insurance (Loss of Profits)

Following damage or destruction to the Club’s premises resulting from a peril which is covered under the Fire and Specified Perils policy, the Business Interruption policy will provide financial compensation for the loss of Gross Income which may result from the interruption or interference to the club’s business activities.

The policy will also provide indemnity for the additional costs incurred by the club or community group to reduce or avoid a reduction in Gross Income.

Indemnity Period – the standard period of cover is 12 months from the date of the loss and/or damage, we can offer indemnity terms up to 24 months if requested.

Additional Policy Benefits
  • Claims Preparation Costs (Limit $5,000);
  • Additional Increased Cost of Working (separate sum insured required);
  • Accumulated Stocks Provision;
  • Prevention of Access;
  • Public Utilities, Customers and Suppliers Extension.
Customers – theft insurance
Burglary and Theft Insurance

This insurance policy will provide Replacement Cover for Contents of every description following “theft” of such property belonging to the club or community group.

includes furniture, fixtures, tools of trade, movable plant (excluding stock and motor vehicles), machinery and equipment, customers’ goods for which you are responsible.
is all Stock but excluding Tobacco, Cigarettes and Cigars unless specifically mentioned.
  • theft or attempted theft following actual forcible entry into the building;
  • theft or attempted theft by a person concealed in the building and exiting after business hours;
  • assault or violence, violent intimidation to your employees;
Customers – burglary insurance
Additional Policy Benefits
  • Theft without forcible entry covered for electronic equipment to $2,000
  • Replacement of Locks (Limit $2,000)
  • Employees’ Tools, Equipment, Personal Effects and Clothing (Limit $2,000)
  • Loss of Negotiable Securities (Limit $100)
  • Temporary Protection (Limit $2,000)
  • Theft, fraud or dishonesty of your employees provided discovered within 21 days and limited to $2,500.
Exclusions to cover
  • Theft from an open space whether fenced or unfenced which is outside the walls of a building (except where “theft without forcible entry” is insured);
  • Money;
  • Documents, Patterns, Models, Moulds, Plans or Designs unless specified;
  • Tobacco, Cigarettes and Cigars unless specified;
  • Theft, fraud or dishonesty of your employees provided discovered after 21 days and/or over $2,500.
Money Insurance

This insurance policy will provide indemnity following the theft or loss of money whilst:

  • In Transit anywhere in Australia or in a bank’s night safe;
  • On the Premises during business hours;
  • On the Premises outside business hours;
  • On the Premises whilst contained in a Locked Safe or Strongroom;
  • At an Authorised Person’s residence;
  • Damage to Safes and Strongrooms.

“Money” means cash, notes, negotiable instruments, cheques, postal notes, post office money orders, negotiable securities, stamps, credit card sales vouchers, instant lottery tickets, bus or transport tickets, telephone credit cards or franking machine credits.

Additional Policy Benefits
  • Fraud or dishonesty by employees ($2,500 policy limit).
Exclusions to cover
  • Shortage from clerical errors in receiving or paying out;
  • If loss not discovered within working 7 days of loss;
  • Fraud or Dishonesty of the Insured or Family;
  • Dishonesty of employees exceeding $2,500;
  • Money carried by professional money carriers;
  • Loss from an unattended vehicle;
  • Loss from a safe opened by key or combination which is left on Premises during non business hours.
Glass Insurance

This insurance policy will provide cover in respect of Breakage of fixed External Glass and Internal Glass at the club or community group premises.

means a fracture extending through the entire thickness of the glass.
includes all fixed glass, refrigeration cabinets, glass in counters, shelving, interior showcases, fixed mirrors and other fixed internal glass including toilet pans and hand basins.
Additional Policy Benefits
  • The cost of temporary shuttering (Limit $3,000)
  • Damage to signwriting, ornamentation, reflective materials, burglar alarm tapes and connections – (Limit $3,000)
  • Damage caused by external violence to window / door frames and tiled shop fronts – (Limit $3,000)
  • Damage or Spoilage to Property – (Limit $3,000)
  • Damage to electrically illuminated signs including those made of perspex or plastic, even if other glass is not broken – (Limit $3,000)
Transit Insurance

This insurance policy will provide coverage following loss and/or damage to property

  • whilst in the normal course of transit by road vehicle anywhere in Australia, or
  • anywhere in Australia including whilst in transit.
Insured Events

Specified Events: Fire, Lighting, Explosion, Theft from locked vehicle or building, Collision or overturning of the conveying vehicle;

All Risks Cover sudden and unforeseen accidental loss or damage.

Geographical Limit: Anywhere in Australia.

Exclusions to cover

Specified Events:
  • Delay, loss of market, consequential loss, depreciation, deterioration;
  • Money;
  • Jewellery, watches, furs, antiques, paintings, works of art, precious metals or stones;
  • Explosives, petroleum and gas products;
  • Livestock;
  • Cigarettes, tobacco, wines, spirits, etc;
  • Collision by conveying vehicle with curb or uneven surface;
  • Theft by employees;
  • Electrical and mechanical derangement unless visible damage to exterior of machine.
All Risks Cover:
  • Mechanical, electronic or electrical breakdown unless as a result of an insured loss;
  • Cracking, scratching or breakage of glass or fragile items unless as a result of an insured loss;
  • Rust, oxidation, mildew, mould, vermin, insects, change of colour, process of heating, drying, cleaning, dyeing, alteration insured item;
  • Action of light or atmospheric conditions, vibration, wear, tear, depreciation;
  • Dishonesty by Insured or Others to whom insured property entrusted;
  • Action of sea, tidal wave, high water or flood;
  • Theft by employees;
  • Unexplained inventory shortage;
  • Theft other than from forcible and violent entry evidenced by visible damage to the securely locked portion of the building;
Machinery Breakdown Insurance

This insurance policy provides cover for the costs incurred in Reinstatement, Replacement and/or Repair of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment following accidental damage or mechanical breakdown.

Sum Insured Limits
  • Breakdown – any one machine or appliance $10,000 (Maximum);
Additional Policy Benefits
  • Hire of Temporary Plant and Cost of Temporary Repairs (max $5,000);
  • Deterioration of Refrigerated Goods (optional);
  • Peak Period Increases 30% to Stock (Christmas Day 60 days before / 20 days after Easter Sunday 30 days before / 20 days after) (optional).
Exclusions (Equipment which cannot be covered under this policy)
  • Submersible pumps, turbine pumps, vehicle motor pumps;
  • Vehicles, mobile plant (other than electric lawn mowers, rollers, coring or aerator machines);
  • Electronic equipment (other than scales and cash registers);
  • Any domestic appliances in living quarters;
  • Lifts and Escalators.

This description is issued as a matter of information only and for full terms and conditions you should refer to the policy wording. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any inadvertent or negligent act, error or omission on our part in preparing these statements or for any loss, damage or expense thereby occasioned to any recipient of this letter.