Public & Products Liability Insurance – Policy

The insurer’s ‘Policy Wording’ sets out the actual coverage terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions provided under the policy. Please access these documents on the links provided and read them thoroughly in conjunction with your Policy Schedule and call us immediately if you require clarification on any issue.

Current Policy Wording:

For any Public & Products Liability policies renewed and paid from March 1 2024, please refer to the QBE – QM8341-0922 policy wording.


Previous Policy Wording:

For any Public & Products Liability policies renewed and paid before March 1 2024, please refer to the QBE Victor Insurance Broadform Liability QM6195-1120.


Difference in Conditions

This endorsement issued attaches to and forms part of the Insured’s Public and Products Liability Policy with QBE Insurance Australia Limited for the current period of Insurance as per the Schedule (and shall not apply to any subsequent periods of Insurance unless agree by QBE).

Extent of Cover

To the extent that under the insured’s previous public liability policy issued by QBE Insurance Australia Limited (the “previous policy”) where coverage existed which does not exist under this policy or was a broader coverage than the similar coverage which exists under this policy (the “difference in coverage”), QBE Insurance Australia Limited will pay the Insured the amount that represents the difference in coverage as if that coverage existed under this policy, subject to the conditions and limitations below.

Conditions and Limitations

QBE Insurance Australia Limited only agrees for the difference in coverage conditions to be payable if:

  1. The previous QBE policy expiry date is on the same date the policy is renewed.
  2. All exclusions added to the schedule upon renewal. The wording exclusions remain the same and DIC/DIC clause applies
  3. Any difference in coverage that may be payable under this policy is otherwise subject to the terms, conditions and limits of indemnity that applied under the previous policy.