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“I approached LCIS because we wanted to run a professional development seminar about insurance for our member.

Michael Gordon, Account Executive, presented an informative and well communicated talk to our community. The attendees were able to ask questions and discuss individual queries with Michael, equipping themselves with the knowledge to run their businesses successfully. It was also a great opportunity for us to meet face-to-face with LCIS to strengthen the relationship and discuss further development of our customised insurance package.

We really value LCIS’s understanding of our community, the skilled management of our insurance package and the responsiveness they provide to our member’s needs. Anecdotal feedback from participants was strongly positive and they valued the time spent explaining insurance and addressing their specific concerns.

Personally I found the experience professional, friendly and invaluably informative. I would recommend LCIS to community organisations who need to provide insurance for their members, especially makers.”

Merryn — Office Coordinator at Craft Victoria

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“We have around 6 – 8 million visitors a year to the Manly area, made up of both international and domestic tourists. As a result we host a number of events which attract thousands of visitors including the Manly Jazz Festival, Food & Wine Festival, Australian Open of Surfing and more.

We also have a larger number of buskers than most municipalities, which means that we frequently arrange uninsured performers cover at relatively short notice. LCIS always provides us with quick and flexible service that meets our needs. Their representatives are always extremely helpful and good humoured too.”

Mary — Enterprise Risk & Business Development at Northern Beaches Council