Activities and/or products not covered by this insurance include:

Goods Services Child & Baby Entertainment Animals Dangerous Goods Alcohol & Tobacco
  • Goods imported by you
  • Protective or safety equipment and/or clothing, eyewear and life preservation products
  • Second hand electrical items & tools
  • Automotive parts/accessories of any nature (including motor cycles)
  • Sporting goods/equipment
  • Vaporisers and humidifiers
  • Nutraceuticals or cosmetics
  • Detergents and/or soaps (including natural) manufactured by Insured
  • Candles of any description and including the burning or heating by flame of oils/essences but excluding incense sticks
  • Vitamins, minerals, herbals and other health supplements (other than food)
  • Treatment risks including massage, acupuncture, chiropractic treatment and natural therapies
  • Any medical device or alternative therapy medical device including any massage device
  • Child minding activities
  • Toys
  • Childrens Bicycles, Skateboards, roller skates, scooters and associated protective equipment
  • Inflatable pools, life jackets, floating devices and other floating aids
  • Children’s toys
  • Children’s cubby houses
  • Children’ swings, slides, playground equipment or climbing equipment
  • Baby/Infant clothing/children’s clothing
  • Jumping castles, inflatable slides, trampolines, amusement rides
  • Photobooths
  • Amusement rides/devices – mechanical, powered or animal
  • Bicycles, Skateboards, in line skates, roller skates, scooters and associated protective equipment
  • Live animals
  • Sale of animals
  • Sale of animal feed, pet food or pet food supplements. Not including pet treats for domestic animals
  • Swords, Spears, Bows, Crossbows, Firearms, ammunition or weapons of any kind
  • Knives, not including chef/kitchen knives or garden pruning equipment
  • Fireworks, pyrotechnics or explosives
  • Sale of flammable, dangerous and/or hazardous chemicals, petrochemicals, pool chemicals and flammable liquids with a flash point below 23°C
  • Tobacco, E-cigarettes, electronic vaping devices, electronic nicotine delivery systems or similar smoking apparatus
  • Sale of alcohol

As well as the goods or services listed above, where we cannot provide you with cover, the insurance policy contains the full terms and conditions.
Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which sets out the terms and conditions including policy exclusions.

If you are unsure on policy coverage, or something you sell is not listed above please contact LCIS.