What is Risk Management?

Risk Management is the process of identifying, analysing and responding to risks throughout your organisation or event. The better you manage your risks the less likely you are to have a claim, but mainly it is about creating a safe environment for people to participate in your group’s activities or enjoy your event.

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Proper risk management needs control of possible risk types and is proactive rather than reactive. Our basic Risk Management Principles & Processes will help guide you.

Two ways we can assist you to manage your group’s risks include:

Mitigation requires you taking action/s to eliminate or reduce the likeliness of the risk occurring.

Transfer is insuring the risk through and insurer with a relevant insurance policy.

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Risk Types
  • Physical: Injuries, assets, weather, equipment, vehicles
  • Financial: Theft, damage claims, fraud, membership fees
  • Legal: Common Law (precedent), Federal, State, Local Government
  • Moral: Harm of reputation of the person or the organisation
Risk Management at Events

As a trusted insurance advisor we want to ensure all event organisers are well aware of their duty of care to those that attend their event. As an Event Organiser you are expected to take reasonable and practical steps to protect attendees against reasonably foreseeable accident or injury. This means look ahead, anticipate how people could be harmed, and then put measures in place to prevent or minimise an incident or injury from happening. Read more

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Talk to us, we’re here to help…

If you are ever unsure of emerging risks or how to manage them please do not hesitate to contact us for advice. It is important you notify us if the circumstances of your organisation or event change so we can provide relevant risk management advice and take the necessary step to ensure your group is covered.