You know that moment when you have to decide which flavour?

When it comes to insuring your community group for a broad variety of risks, we say to get at least three policies… and you can’t go past a Neapolitan combo!

Classic vanilla is just like our Public & Products Liability cover because it’s the most well-known, common and staple protection needed.

Public & Products Liability Can Cover:
Legal Costs

Covers your organisation’s legal costs in the event that a claim is made against your organisation by a third party including for claims alleging negligence.

Property Damage Covers

damage to a third party’s property caused through your organisation’s activities including damage caused by negligence.

Personal Injury

Covers your organisation if you are negligent for causing injury to a third party in the course of your organisation’s normal activities.


Covers your organisation for damage caused to other people’s property in your organisation’s custody or control due to negligence up to $250,000.

Chocolate is like our Association Liability cover because it’s complimentary to vanilla due to its rich flavour and can protect you against any claim in relation to potential financial loss or compensation associated with the group’s management.

Legal Costs

Covers your organisation’s legal costs if you a claim is made against your organisation by a third party alleging they have suffered a loss because of an alleged ‘Wrongful Act’.

Association Liability Can Cover:
Wrongful Acts

What is a Wrongful Act? It is defined by the policy as a negligent act or omission, breach of duty, breach of power of authority or misleading statement.

Investigation Costs

Costs and expenses incurred by the Organisation or an Officer of the organisation to investigate a claim made against the organisation can be covered by the policy.

Additional Benefits

The policy has been extended to include these additional benefits:

Fraud and dishonesty – sublimit $25,000

Statutory fines and penalties – sublimit $100,000

Strawberry is like our Volunteer Workers Policy because it’s sweet like the people who volunteer for your organisation.

Volunteer Workers Insurance Can Cover:

This cover will provide your members with financial compensation for personal injury sustained when undertaking activities on behalf of your organisation in an official capacity.


  • Setting up for an event;
  • Serving tea and coffee;
  • Selling or taking tickets at an event;
  • Acting as an usher or information guide;
  • Picking up rubbish on a beach;
  • Cleaning out the storage shed;
  • Locking up the premises, and
  • Travelling to and from events or activities where you are volunteering on behalf of the insured organisation.


Just like the winning Neapolitan ice cream combo, each of these flavours are delightful, but when you put them all together you get a variety of flavours to satisfy all your insurance tastebuds. We recommend you take out all of the following three policies:

  • Public & Product Liability Insurance
  • Volunteer Workers Personal Accident Insurance
  • Association Liability Insurance

They all complement and support each other to give you and your group broad protection. We can tailor each of these policies to suit your group (if required) to protect you against any other risks associated with your group’s activities which are not covered in the base policy wordings.

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