Declaring less could cost you more: Knowing and correctly declaring value of your assets can save you from Underinsurance

When it comes to insurance cover, accurately assessing the value of your assets can make all the difference. Have you ever heard of ‘Underinsurance’? In this blog post, we'll delve into the importance of accurately declaring asset values, the factors that contribute to Underinsurance, and steps you can take to ensure your cover aligns with the true value of your assets.

Festive Season Risk Management Checklist

If the festive season usually leaves you feeling stressed, you’re not alone. Claims history shows us that incidences of property theft, criminal activity and other environmental factors spike over the festive period, so here is your list, don’t forget to check it twice!

Planning Your Event Post-Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for event organisers, stallholders and community groups planning events. However, it’s our view that savvy organisers know planning and communicating with all those involved with their event now, will help position them for success when the pandemic ends and their events are allowed to proceed.

Tips To Ensure Market Stall Success: Series 1 | Before Market Day

If you are new to markets it’s important to understand that many successful stallholders have evolved over time and that market stall success comes from effective research and planning before market day

In this multi part series we will take you through areas you may like to consider before, during and after market day to ensure you have an effective stall and importantly provide a safe environment to the surrounding community.

Are You A Council Run Swimming Pool Operator? Make A Big Splash, But First,
Make Sure You Have The Right Insurance

Did you know that for over 10 years LCIS have provided swimming pool operators across Australia with affordable Public & Products Liability insurance solutions? As a swimming pool operator, you are required to obtain a licence from the Council to ensure a safe and hygienic swimming environment to the community.

Event Cancellation – What Is It And How It Works?

What would you do if your event had to be cancelled or abandoned unexpectedly and beyond your control? As an event organiser, it is paramount to be prepared for sudden and unpredictable occurrences which could impact your event and make it unsafe for your attendees. Event Cancellation insurance can protect your organisation’s financial investment in community based events, festivals and conferences.

Safe Meetings And Events: COVID-19 Considerations When Planning Your Next Event

As Event organisers start planning events post Covid-19 restrictions, considering and planning for the health and safety risks for the event is critical. Event organisers should plan for how they are going to enable their attendees, event operators and community to maintain a safe environment and system of operation.

Community Groups Of Australia, What Inspires You?

If you are participating in your local market, here is our guide to the Public & Products Liability Cover we offer Stallholders. Better yet, you can get a quote and purchase a policy online for instant cover.

Public & Products Liability Cover Explicitly Designed For Stallholders

If you are participating in your local market, here is our guide to the Public & Products Liability Cover we offer Stallholders. Better yet, you can get a quote and purchase a policy online for instant cover.

What is Premium Funding?

Learn about what Premium Funding is and discover how its benefits could assist your group ease the pressures of cash flow.

Premiums4Good – How Your Insurance Premiums Can Make A Difference

Here at LCIS we are passionate about helping communities to bring about social change and improve the quality of life in their local area. Premiums4Good invests a portion of everyday insurance spending in areas creating positive environmental or social change. It’s a simple way to benefit those who need it most.

Event Exposures – What Are They?

So you have planned an exciting event this spring but have you questioned what your event risk exposures are? The LCIS team understand that organising events can have its challenges. Whether you are hosting a one-off event or you are a professional event organiser, understanding your risk exposures is a critical task in planning a successful event.

What Do You Get When You Cross A Knitting Club With Car Enthusiasts?

Whether you’re into knitted cars or fast paced blues bands, you can have the confidence to do what you love when you are insured through Local Community Insurance Services.

Understanding Property Insurance

Have you considered if there is damage to the building or the worst occurs, and it is destroyed? There may be problems in repairing/rebuilding the structure if the property is insured for the wrong amount.

Have You Met Jake?

Just like you, it’s Jake’s responsibility to find the right cover for his community group. Understanding why an LCIS Public & Products Liability policy provides the right level of cover has helped Jake escape his insurance nightmare.

Have you tried an LCIS triple scoop insurance ice cream?

You know that moment when you have to decide which flavour? When it comes to insuring your community group for a broad variety of risks, we say to get at least three policies… and you can‘t go past a Neapolitan combo!

6 Steps To Effective Risk Management For Volunteers

Your Volunteers Can Face Multiple Risks That May Impact Their Safety. This guide explains and identifies 6 steps organisations can exercise in identifying and analysing risk exposures and taking steps to minimise the financial impact of the risks that arise.

Holding An Event? Are Stallholders Participating?

Events are a great way for you to engage with your community. Often these events involve a variety of community Stalls, not-for-profit information booths, dance groups from local schools, and stallholders selling their goods.

If you are the organiser of the event, what do you need to consider?

Demystifying Public & Products Liability Insurance: Your Most Common Questions Answered

Understanding Public & Products Liability Insurance can actually become quite involved. As part of our quest to support community groups and not for profit organisations here are some of your most common questions answered.

5 Reasons Why Event Insurance Is Critical

From Street parties to cultural exhibitions, as the organiser of a single one-off community or family event there are several key aspects you need to consider to ensure the success of the event.